The mind is a very powerful tool, often dictating one’s perspective on life. In any given moment the mind is coloring behaviors, actions and reactions. Depending on life’s current conditions the mind may become toxic – distracted, over-wrought and fatigued resulting in a negative or anxious feelings and reactions. A clear, refreshed and positive mind will react very differently to these same stimuli. To create the best opportunity for a sound mind and ensure a positive, healthy outlook on life’s stressors, incorporate any number of these practices in every-day existence, Your mind will thank you!


Quite possibly the most important step towards a healthy mind is rest. A fatigued mind is a busy mind. Too many thoughts, without rhyme or reason create anxiety and stress. A rested mind handles stressors more effectively and makes order out of chaos.

Be Present:

Self awareness and situational-awareness are both important skills to a healthy mind. Distraction creates confusion and disorganization which may lead to anxiety. Learning to be “in the moment” provides opportunity to experience life as opposed to moving through it.

Concern yourself with the right things:

On any given day the mind is exposed to countless stimuli and situations to react to. Many of these encounters are well outside an individual’s ability to control or change. Identifying situations and influences that are beyond one’s control is a skill in itself. To be able to not only identify these uncontrollables and then leave them behind takes practice but is well worth the efforts.

Positive Self-talk:

Controlling that “little voice” in your head can have huge impacts on mental well being. Negative talk or thoughts are toxic and lead to anxiety, fear and stress. “Stop-talk” or learning to identify negative thoughts and mentally commanding they “stop” and replacing with a positive thought or image is a wonderful tool. The act of reversing this talk to the positive creates a hopeful and optimistic mind, ready to take on the world.


Take a nice deep breath. Or a bunch of them! Deep breathing is a wonderful way to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and remove toxins. Incorporating deep breathing into a meditation practice helps to quiet the mind as well.

Get Outside:

Fresh air, a change of scenery and the mere act of moving around all help the mind to reset and leave behind the noise. A short walk or visit to a local park is well worth the time.


The simple act of smiling, engaging the muscles of the face, signal the brain to release endorphins. These chemicals provide feelings of happiness and act to reduce stress.

Any one of these coping mechanisms will help create a healthier mind. Combining them creates a toolbox to deal with life’s challenges and keep a positive outlook and healthy mind.