Becoming a Highland’s Health & Wellness Member

Highlands Health & Wellness is a Center for Functional Medicine. The in-depth assessment, evaluation and treatment plan provided is much more comprehensive than what has become the norm in conventional primary care practices. The functional medicine approach takes time as we explore what makes you unique, while examining the past and present to help you build a more balanced future. This is why we prefer a partnership that is rooted in hard work and commitment. Members who commit to a health partnership for at least six months allow themselves time to put in the work to allow for positive and lasting changes in their health.

Warrior Wellness Membership

(Full Functional Medicine Program)

Fighting a battle against the enemy within? Chronic disease, insomnia, unending fatigue, fuzzy thinking, joint pain, heartburn, constipation, unbalanced hormones – the list could go on. At Highlands Health & Wellness, we believe you can tap into a strength you didn’t know you had – to rediscover the magic of feeling well. You need a partner to listen, to guide, and to anticipate what will happen next. A team with intuition, hope, who practices health differently. Fighting alongside you, our collaborative healing team will help you channel your inner warrior to cultivate meaningful and lasting wellness – to reclaim your power, reclaim your health and reclaim your life. Are you ready to thrive again?

We have 6  month memberships available.
Call us at 303-916-1064 to know more!

Membership includes:

  • Pre-appointment in-depth personal health assessment, tracking your health over time and the environmental, nutritional, lifestyle and genetic influences, triggers and mediators that affect your current health and symptoms.
  • Initial 75 minute exam where we review your personal health assessment and develop a plan to order relevant testing and develop a mindfulness, fitness and strategic nutrient plan to get to the root of your imbalance, pain, and symptoms- and get you on the road to reclaiming your health, energy and life!
  • Follow up strategy sessions to evaluate your testing results and fine tune your unique and individualized functional medicine treatment plan.
  • 60 minute health coaching session and follow up accountability, strategy and check-ins with our functional health coach during which she assesses your unique lifestyle patterns and individualizes your functional lifestyle plan to evoke real and positive changes in your daily habits. This will include assisting in healing your gut, hormones, immune system, reducing inflammation, and balancing your weight and body composition.
  • Virtual Personal Trainer and Fitness app-  virtual personal training app with hundreds of avatar based workouts you can do for novice to expert fitness warriors!
  • Mobile access to your functional medicine team during business hours and to the provider on call for urgent needs after hours via our HIPAA compliant communication messaging system.
  • Digital access to your patient portal and access to your lab results and functional medicine plan.
  • Strategic follow up sessions with your functional medicine provider and functional health coach based on your unique plan.
  • Virtual video visits as needed using our seamless HIPAA compliant telemedicine app.
  • Wholesale medications as needed.
  • 25% off professional grade supplements via our virtual dispensary, delivered right to your door!
  • Wholesale functional medicine lab pricing and blood testing.
  • Functional lab kits sent to you at your home (applies to those tests that can be done at home including SIBO testing, Microbiome testing, Urinary of Salivary Hormone testing via DUTCH/DSL/Genova or your lab of choice, Genetic testing, and much more!).
  • We send your routine labs to Labcorp, Quest or any traditional lab of your choice (who will) bill them through your insurance plan (coverage and cost will vary per insurance plan.) We ALSO offer wholesale lab pricing for routine labs.
  • Unlimited BIA testing (advanced body composition and metabolism testing via InBody scale)
  • HeartMath training and sessions in biofeedback to help with relaxation, focus, memory, sleep, inflammation, heart disease, blood pressure and overall balance.
  • Administration Tasks- Referrals, Pre-Operative Forms, Medication Refills.
We work with you and for you. Our approach works best when you are committed to your unique, individualized plan – that you develop, with our help of course. We are a team and we want you to achieve your health goals which are optimally accomplished if you keep your appointments, ask questions, follow your self-set nutrition, lifestyle and nutrient plans and follow up so we can constantly fine tune and optimize your plan. Functional medicine is all about you, tailoring your goals to help you reclaim your energy and vitality and leave imbalance and dis-ease behind!

Attention SIBO sufferers- Do you have chronic recurring SIBO or do you have bloating, diarrhea abdominal pain, and/or constipation and are looking for answers? While it’s always best to work with a functional medicine provider sometimes it’s just not in the budget- I get that.

That is why I started my YouTube channel and wrote my
The Ultimate SIBO guide: SIBO symptoms, diet, and solutions

This book provides:
  • How to recognize if your symptoms are SIBO related
  • Finding the root cause of your SIBO
  • Choosing the right SIBO diet to support a healthy intestine
  • SIBO testing resources and interpreting your results
  • Guides to beating SIBO with either pharmaceuticals or natural products
  • What to do after you finish treatment in order to keep the SIBO gone!
  • Solutions for long-term SIBO relief

Interested in trying some of the supplement protocols we have used successfully in our functional medicine practice for years! Check out these recommendations below (always discuss these with your healthcare provider before starting them)


Phone Hours

Monday through Friday

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

***urgent calls after 4 pm will be redirected to the urgent line.

Lunch Hours

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Hours will vary per provider, please call before coming in and we will best match your schedule with our provider for that day.