We live in an era with increasing amounts of stress in our individual lives. It can seem as though stress is like the air we breathe or water we swim in and there is nothing we can do to change it. Research reveals that cultivating gratitude in your life is one way you can decrease your stress and increase your emotional well being.

One simple way to cultivate gratitude that can yield big results in decreasing your stress is to start a gratitude journal. Here on some tips on starting this practice:

  1. Choose a method:  either a journal by your bedside, a list on your phone, a document on your computer, etc.
  2. Choose a time: choose a time in the morning, before bed, etc.
  3. Write 3 things daily that you are thankful for
  4. Be consistent, it take time to make things a habit. So give yourself some grace if you miss a couple days and start again.

This is a habit that slowly rewires your brain to be more positive and grateful. The health benefits are continuing to be discovered. From decreasing your risk of heart disease to decreasing anxiety and depression. It is a simple practice that is easy to start any time.