Do you find yourself wired yet unable to sleep? Do you wake up too early and toss and turn, battling to fall back asleep? Or are you having issues with your mood or blood sugar?

You may need to take a look at your CAR- no not the one in your garage, but your Cortisol Awakening Response.  The Cortisol Awakening Response is the natural response of increased cortisol secretion that occurs when you awake in the morning.  The cortisol, an important stress-related hormone, typically peaks between 30 to 45 minutes after awakening. After this peak, the levels will then fall progressively to less than half of the peak by noon.  They will continue to drop to their lowest levels and stay there during the night.

Why is the CAR important?

The CAR can reflect a person’s ability to cope with anticipated challenges and their coping skills around chronic stress which can reflect the resiliency of the HPA axis (find out more about the HPA axis here).  

Dysfunction in the CAR has been associated with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Dementia
  • Pain
  • Blood sugar dysregulation

Talk with us at HHW if you are interested in learning more and testing your CAR!