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Elizabeth F

This practice is wonderful. They take the wholistic approach-delving into your specific health history and all the things (nutrition, vitamins, minerals, etc.) that keep your body working well (or not, as the case may be) and give you options to improve your health and general well being. Dr. Meyer combines expertise, sensitivity and a willingness to listen and discuss. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such a personal touch while providing quality medical care. I especially like how she really takes her time to explain test results. I have felt very well cared for here. Also, the staff is very friendly, helpful and professional. I’ve never had to wait when I arrive on time for an appointment. HIGHLY recommend.

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Leah W

I have been a member at HHW for over six years, and I am so grateful for them.  Dr. Meyer is knowledgeable, patient, supportive and kind.  Her integrative approach has allowed me to address my healthcare from many different angles, effectively.  HHW’s Nurse Practitioner and Nutritionist are stellar and have helped me tremendously.  Having a HHW membership instantly makes you part of a community that values your unique conditions, needs, and circumstances.  I highly recommend this practice!!!

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Kirsten C
My family and I have been members of HHW for several years now.  We joined because my son (now 6 yrs) was having ear infections and antibiotic doses every 6 weeks for a solid 2 years, from age 1-3.  It was like clockwork.  At first I attributed it to his age, but then its frequency led me to track it. The pattern of antibiotic use worried me, and it truly was like clockwork. We eventually sought out Dr. Meyer for assistance, because our pediatrician’s method was to keep doing more of the same.  Saying things like, “This is totally normal for this age group”, and everytime I asked about alternative therapies or perhaps a change in diet, they shared disapproval and didn’t entertain any route outside antibiotic approach, “there is no science to back supplement research, or to know what’s in them, it’s a waste of your money”.
Dr. Shelley put my son on a regime of homeopathy, these little pills were so small and sweet I didn’t believe they would do anything.  But sure enough, he stopped getting sick.  So we stuck to it.  When signs of illness arrived we started our protocol.  We have not had a single ear infection or round of antibiotics since.  This is not to say he never got sick again. There were a couple of ear infections that we ordered antibiotics for him just in case, but never ended up using them. We have now gone almost 3 years without an ear infection.
Our entire family (husband, son, daughter, myself) has adopted this strategy for illness and we have thankfully lived healthfully for 3 years now with no serious cold/flu/etc.  We follow a regime, eat clean, exercise, and always start with her strategy first.  We are not opposed to western medicine, it has it’s time and place.  We simply choose to address the root cause first, not just the symptoms.
To prove this point further, my husband needed to have dental surgery, but couldn’t do so because they discovered he had high blood pressure.  He really didn’t want to start medication at such a young age (36).  He was tall, slim and ate healthy, most doctors didn’t know what to do, his high blood pressure didn’t add up.  He sought out Dr. Meyer to see if we could improve his high blood pressure naturally.  He did everything he could, upped his running from 2-3 days a week to 6 days a week. He quit adding salt to his meals, he only ate vegetarian with a few meals of fish in a month. He did this religiously for an entire year, he did everything and his numbers didn’t improve.  His overall health did, but the blood pressure itself didn’t move.  So he began on medication, but was able to find a dose and type that didn’t impact his life. Dr. Shelley worked closely to sync all of this together.  He still remains on this plan today and feels great.
As you can see, we have many examples to share on how much Dr. Meyer and her team have improved our lives.  Highly recommend.
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Jennifer S

My family has been a part of Highlands Health and Wellness since 2017. Dr. Meyer and her team are incredible in both providing outstanding primary care and looking at overall health and wellness to maximize health and prevent chronic disease. The whole team is so responsive and we are always able to get our needs met quickly and efficiently. We are so grateful for Highland’s Health and Wellness, our experience with them has been so much better than traditional models of care. There is a better way to tackle health care and we have found this in Highlands Health and Wellness.

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Michele C
Before I found Highlands Health and Wellness I had seen multiple doctors in different states and none of them were able to help me get my Adrenal Fatigue under control. In many cases the doctors caused more problems than they helped. I spent 3 years just trying to survive the treatments and not getting any better.
Almost immediately after I started implementing the plan Dr Meyer put together my energy level improved which allowed me to exercise again without doing damage to my cortisol levels. I actually achieved higher cortisol levels than I had in over a decade, WITHOUT being on steroids or replacement medication. And for the past few years my levels hit and maintained a healthy range. 

I had told all my previous doctors that I felt like my thyroid was not working properly and they all told me I was wrong. Dr Meyer was the only one who listened and once she put me on thyroid medication many of my unexplained health issues went away and I had even more energy. 
I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Dr Meyer I would not be as healthy as I am now. 
In addition, Dr Meyer’s brilliance in providing nutritional services that works hand in hand with her treatment plans truly puts Highlands Health and Wellness ahead of so many other doctor’s offices. I can’t thank everyone at Highlands Health and Wellness enough. They are a pleasure to work with, so much so that I actually look forward to going to the doctor.
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Sharon P

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Shelley Meyer for 7 years. My husband and I are fortunate to have her as our family doctor. We trust her implicitly. Her staff is extremely knowledgeable, caring and kind. It’s rare to find a doctor with her combination of skills – licensed osteopath, functional medicine doctor and certified dietician. She puts the word integrative in “integrative medicine” treating you as a whole person. Dr. Meyer spends time with you and gets to know you. You never feel rushed. The additional services they offer like nutrition counseling and stress management classes are fantastic additions to her practice. She and her staff have proven their value time and time again

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Brent S

I highly recommend Dr. Meyer. As a long-time patient, I believe you’d hard-pressed to find someone better. She works with each patient on proactively meeting their specific health goals rather than simply treating you reactively. She makes the experience comfortable and is personal in a good way. I appreciate that she’s accessible by phone as well as in-office visits. Her counseling and use of her body composition monitoring tool have helped me understand, establish and reach my fitness goals.

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Bradley J
I became a member in July 2020 and the work that has been done by the staff on my behalf has changed my life for the better in every way.
Highlands Health and Wellness is open-minded and loving. When I walk through the door the care of the whole person begins with Angie Sissom who meets you at the door and is always attentive to your every need and greets you with a smile. The environment is welcoming and beautiful. There is lovely decor to enjoy and the surroundings make me feel at ease. I’ve enjoyed the sauna as part of my membership as a time of welcomed solitude in my hectic life. I’ve always been made to feel welcomed and the attention to detail for all members to enjoy is truly remarkable.
During my initial visit, I met with Sarah Julianelle, F.N.P-BC for the well visit. During this time, Sarah began with really asking me about my background, my life, and my mental health. There was a genuine concern for my entire well being which brought me to tears as I shared my story with her. I learned that functional medicine began with caring about the individual and not just assuming what a patient needs but truly listening to them before deciding on a path of care. From that point, we set out some clear goals which included full blood work and a meeting with a dietician. After the blood work came back Sarah walked me through the results and was able to explain the supplements I needed to take in order to improve certain areas of my health. The applications used such as Spruce and Wellelevate made communicating with Highlands folks and purchasing supplements easy.
My experience with Amy Bogart, M.S., R.D.N. to discuss my life and diet for long term success and health has been amazing. Amy has taken an interest in every area of my health and started me with an elimination diet which worked very well for me. Since July I’ve lost over 20 lbs. Amy was open to my fasting regimen and worked with me to customize a plan to meet my needs.
I’ve been truly fortunate to be a client of Highlands Health and Wellness and am a richer human being spiritually and in my physical health.
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Jessica S

I am so thankful for the Highlands Health and Wellness team. I have been a member of the Highlands Health and Wellness program for the past 3 and a half years and have come so far in my healing journey with their help. Dr. Meyer is extremely knowledgeable, is a great listener, and knows exactly how to navigate even complex health cases. The nutritionist Amy has been so helpful in helping me find the right diet for my best health. Angie the receptionist is absolutely wonderful at her position and makes contacting the office effortless and stress free. I am so thankful for the level of service and care that I receive from the Highlands Health and Wellness Team. You can not find this level of knowledge and service at any Drs. office. I highly recommend them!

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Michelle L

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring doctor, this is the place for you. I love how Dr. Meyer listens to me. I never feel like a burden to her or her team. I love that I can send messages to her, and get a timely response. This is new for me. Doctor Meyer is kind and wise. She understands the body as a whole and how it works, and treats you accordingly. She is a wealth of information. With all the COVID stuff she has kept her patients well informed and made sure we felt prepared. I love all her office has to offer!

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Alexa L

I can’t properly express my gratitude for Highlands Health & Wellness. Dr. Meyer has been absolutely transformational for me. I came to her over 3 years ago and for the first time I felt HEARD on all of the things that were preventing me from feeling my best. With her guidance, I have been able to: heal my gut, re-introduce foods I previously had eliminated, go off of hormonal birth control/ get a cycle back and now I am now expecting my first baby any day now. I don’t think I could’ve gotten here without the support of Dr. Meyer and the functional medicine approach. She is extremely responsive and truly an advocate for her patients well-being. I’m forever grateful and feel so much confidence that I’ll be taken care of here.