My family and I have been members of HHW for several years now. 
My family and I have been members of HHW for several years now.  We joined because my son (now 6 yrs) was having ear infections and antibiotic doses every 6 weeks for a solid 2 years, from age 1-3.  It was like clockwork.  At first I attributed it to his age, but then its frequency led me to track it. The pattern of antibiotic use worried me, and it truly was like clockwork. We eventually sought out Dr. Meyer for assistance, because our pediatrician’s method was to keep doing more of the same.  Saying things like, “This is totally normal for this age group”, and everytime I asked about alternative therapies or perhaps a change in diet, they shared disapproval and didn’t entertain any route outside antibiotic approach, “there is no science to back supplement research, or to know what’s in them, it’s a waste of your money”.
Dr. Shelley put my son on a regime of homeopathy, these little pills were so small and sweet I didn’t believe they would do anything.  But sure enough, he stopped getting sick.  So we stuck to it.  When signs of illness arrived we started our protocol.  We have not had a single ear infection or round of antibiotics since.  This is not to say he never got sick again. There were a couple of ear infections that we ordered antibiotics for him just in case, but never ended up using them. We have now gone almost 3 years without an ear infection.
Our entire family (husband, son, daughter, myself) has adopted this strategy for illness and we have thankfully lived healthfully for 3 years now with no serious cold/flu/etc.  We follow a regime, eat clean, exercise, and always start with her strategy first.  We are not opposed to western medicine, it has it’s time and place.  We simply choose to address the root cause first, not just the symptoms.
To prove this point further, my husband needed to have dental surgery, but couldn’t do so because they discovered he had high blood pressure.  He really didn’t want to start medication at such a young age (36).  He was tall, slim and ate healthy, most doctors didn’t know what to do, his high blood pressure didn’t add up.  He sought out Dr. Meyer to see if we could improve his high blood pressure naturally.  He did everything he could, upped his running from 2-3 days a week to 6 days a week. He quit adding salt to his meals, he only ate vegetarian with a few meals of fish in a month. He did this religiously for an entire year, he did everything and his numbers didn’t improve.  His overall health did, but the blood pressure itself didn’t move.  So he began on medication, but was able to find a dose and type that didn’t impact his life. Dr. Shelley worked closely to sync all of this together.  He still remains on this plan today and feels great.
As you can see, we have many examples to share on how much Dr. Meyer and her team have improved our lives.  Highly recommend.