Shelley Meyer

Letter From Dr. Meyer

Welcome to Highland’s Health and Wellness! I started my health and wellness journey by pursuing studies in nutrition during my undergraduate degree due to a belief that what we eat is the cornerstone of our health. I began my career as a Registered Dietitian, and helped others learn about the healing benefits of food. This task was particularly challenging in the 1990s as fat-free was the trend, and processed foods were everywhere! After working with other physicians in a busy urban clinic, I decided to pursue a future in medicine. Osteopathic Medicine seemed like a great fit because I believe the whole body works together as one unit, and dysfunction in one system is inherently linked to all of the other systems in the body.
After completing a residency in Family Medicine and working in an inner city clinic, I realized I was not satisfied simply writing a prescription and shuffling sick people out the door. I wanted to spend more time with my patients to understand what may have led to chronic illness in which they struggle, and do my best to help them heal. This led to my desire to pursue training in integrative medicine by completing the ABIHM board certification training and exam. This type of training blended well with my nutrition training, but fitting the concepts into a 15-minute patient visit became increasingly difficult! This pushed me to open my own practice, so I could have longer visits and not have someone telling me my production was never high enough (people are not numbers!). Opening a medical practice was a big financial risk, and it still is, but I can’t imagine going back.
In 2010, my husband and I purchased an old building in the historic Highlands neighborhood that we call home, and welcomed other like-minded practitioners to be part of our collective that we now call Highland’s Health & Wellness. A couple years into my integrative practice, I decided to start digging deeper into the holistic approach to care and discovered Functional Medicine. This approach helps uncover the root of illness and works with mind and body to heal and help all body systems thrive. Functional Medicine is an evidence-based practice, and the training from the Institute of Functional Medicine is thoughtful and comprehensive. Using Functional Medicine as a foundation now allows me to practice medicine as I had always envisioned and helped take our practice to a whole new level of discovery.
We look forward to becoming your partner in health-mind, body and soul!

Dr. Shelley Meyer


Dr. Meyer completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Florida in Gainesville. She continued her nutrition education with a Master’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Georgia State University in Atlanta. She completed her registered dietitian training at GSU’s Grady Health Systems MP4 program. After working as a registered dietitian, she decided to further her education by going completing her Doctor of Osteopathy degree at the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City. She completed her residency at St. Anthony Family Medicine in Denver. She holds board certifications from the American Board of Family Physicians and the American Board of Holistic Medicine. She is also a certified LEAP Therapist and has completed extensive functional medicine training through the Institute of Functional Medicine, completing all of the functional medicine clinical modules as well as AFMCP.
Dr. Meyer has enjoyed living in the North Denver Highlands neighborhood since 2005, which is why she decided to start her practice here. She and her husband, Steve, have two little girls (Maya & Dylan) and one boy (Jake). They also have two dogs who may be stopping by to say hi. Dr. Meyer’s favorite activities include taking long dog walks/runs with her human and dog family, snowboarding, yoga, hiking, movies and creative ventures.