Jessica works with patients to achieve individual solutions for their health concerns by guiding them through creating a vision of where they want to be, and an actionable plan to get there. She believes that healing requires a combination of life balance, quality nutrition and willingness to do the work. She enjoys helping patients implement the health plans they create with Dr. Meyer in manageable and realistic ways. She can cover a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to lifestyle, cooking, relationships, nutrition, career, home environment, and spirituality. She loves to help people with goal setting, and creating a plan for how to step into a future filled with health and empowerment.

She is a Certified International Health Coach and a graduate from IIN with an integrative health coaching certificate. She minored in holistic health and has been involved in the functional medicine community for most of her life. She lost over 50lbs and has used many different dietary approaches in her own health journey including, at different times, low histamine diet, gluten and dairy free lifestyle, Keto and macro balancing. She helped her son reach seizure freedom through his prescribed time on the Modified Atkins Diet and is well versed in helping both adults and children adjust to modified diets.

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