I have watched so many people cut themselves pitting an avocado. I have seen chefs and cooking masters of all kinds with different ideas on how to get a pit out of a half of an avocado. One day someone showed me to quarter it, and pull the quarters off the pit, with no need for a knife at all. It was an amazing moment for me. I thought maybe I am on to something big here! If I just share this with people, the idea will catch on like wildfire. I went about for a couple of years trying to spread this message of how to get this pit out of the avocado without endangering your phalanges. But what was striking was that no one would listen to me. Even my husband thought he could do it, in a completely safe way. He recently cut himself while trying to leave the avocado on the counter and get the pit without putting his hand below the knife strike. I give him points for creative thinking, but the problem was that he was still swinging the knife trying to hit this cylindrical object.

How have we come to this place in our culture where we can’t just quarter the avocado and pull the pit out with our hands? My excitement has kind of turned into a dull roar on the subject. I have learned that despite the fact that no one I know stops at the half avocado to eat it in that form. Despite the fact that everyone continues to slice or cube the thing, they all insist that they can get that pit from the half avocado. It is like an unspoken challenge. My question to you today it where in your life are you continuing to feel like you have to get the pit from the half avocado?

When coaching, I see time and again where the thing holding people back is the way they are telling their story. I know a lot of people telling themselves the story of the half avocado and the pit. People who could just change the way they are doing something to avoid a problem, but keep doing it because that is the way they learned it, or because some wise expert told them to keep trying to be like them. What is often forgotten is that we are all individuals we don’t all have to do it the same way. Sometimes it is dangerous to act like a chef when you are not one. Sometimes maybe it is worth it to take the chance if there is a gain of reputation to be made. I challenge you all to ask yourselves what is a story that you have always told yourself, that you could change today to make your life better?

Written by,

Health Coach Jess