In our June 21st facebook live we discussed our top ten healthy summer travel tips so we are giving more info here on how to travel and stay healthy! If you missed the video you can check it out at

  1. Pack Healthy Food: Either at an airport or on a road trip it is easy to fall back on the old reliable staples of fast food and treats.  Try to be proactive and bring portable healthy snacks. Some great ideas are energy bars or energy ball- see the links provided in the Facebook post above for some great homemade recipes we have tried and love.  Some premade healthy options include Rx Bars ( , Go Macro Bars (though watch the sugar on these some are higher than others-, Clif Bar has a new whey protein based bar that is a good option if you tolerate whey ( and the salted caramel is very tasty, DNX bars are a great carnivore option (  Other options include making your own snack backs with cut up bell peppers, carrots, celery and to go packs of hummus or nut butters, or making your own nut and seed mix with cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds- or get creative and throw in your favorites! Other packaged items that are great on the go are packs of goji berries ( or hemp hearts (
  2. Pack prevention: a well-packed medicine bag can make the difference between a great vacation and a wasted vacation.  Some things we recommend- portable probiotics like some from renew life ( or Olly brand (, and healthy sanitizing wipes to keep hands and surfaces clean- wipe down remotes, door handles, seats, etc (prior to having a child going through chemotherapy I would not have been so crazy about wiping things down but it makes a huge difference if your immune system is compromised; good brands are Honest company, Mrs. Meyers, EO or Baby Ganics to name just a few).   Other portable prevention products include something called Acute Cold Formula by Buried Treasure (this is my go to product for when I am exposed to viruses or starting to feel as if I am getting one, in the video I mentioned it comes in packets but now I can’t find those anywhere but Amazon has the big bottle so you can just pack into a spill-proof travel bottle- this is a lifesaver when exposed to lots of germs on a plane, side note be sure you are not sensitive to anything in this product and it is recommended for intermittent use not everyday use, another great virus/bacteria buster is nasal saline gel- you can get this at any drug store or Target, etc. and the best way to use it is at the end of a flight or after exposure to germs put 2 squirts in each nares and give two quick sniffs then do a good blow into a tissue as this will help clean out any germs that your  nose may have encountered. I also like to pack 1000mg of a buffered vitamin C for prevention- my favorite brand is Integrative Therapeutics which we carry for our patients at a 25% discount, but there are many buffered brands if you just need to pick one up locally. I try to pack a couple multi-purpose essential oils as well. I tend to love Doterra products and will pack lavender for calming myself and my kids and for treating burns, On Guard or a simple oregano oil for warding off illness, Digest Zen for easing nausea/reflux/tummy troubles or you can use a simple peppermint for tummy troubles.   Peppermint oil can also be a great addition to a hot bath for achy muscles. If you are changing time zones you can try a homeopathic remedy blend like No Jet Lag ( to help you adjust.
  3. Pack healthy accessories: I will sometimes bring a mini- blender for in room smoothies (check out this option that is portable, rechargeable and with a decent motor – you can bring some nut butter packets, a portable fruit like banana, spinach and cinnamon and have a nourishing nutrient rich breakfast on the go.  You can also bring along a backpack cooler if you will be out and about all day like at a theme park, festival or day touring (we picked up this great one at Costco and it has lasted a long time and keeps hot things hot and cold things cold Another accessory that can help when you don’t have a kitchen and/or want to bring a healthy hot meal along on an all day even is a hot logic ( this is a portable slow cooker!
  4. Look ahead to plan meals: restaurant chains and local restaurants in urban areas usually post their menus online so look ahead and get an idea of what you can eat, particularly if you are on a restricted diet of any sort.  Check out the Healthy Out app (on google play store or iTunes app store)- this app helps you find dishes that meet your special diet or calorie need.
  5. Have your groceries delivered: this is so easy to do now that Amazon offers Prime Now and Target also offers it’s own new version of this in some states (shipT).  Using these services, you can save money and eat healthier by preparing your own meals and snacks on the go.
  6. Don’t forget to pack supplements (and medicines of course) if you take them- a find it’s easier to use a pill organizer that has days that you can pop out (I like this one from Amazon because it is BPA free and portable
  7. Pack your healthy gear: Bring walking/running shoes and pack them on top so they are the first thing you see when you unpack, and if you prefer to swim find a hotel with a decent pool and pack your swimsuit.  I also love bringing exercise bands with me so you can do a quick resistance workout wherever you are (here’s an example of all you can do with a simple resistance band!
  8. Stay hydrated: this is particularly essential during summer travel which often involves a lot of outdoor activity.  I like waters that are pH balanced like Essentia or Flow (Flow is great because it comes in a carton like container so no plastic bottle).  I also like to pack green tea, chamomile tea, and herbal tea bags to add variety to my hydration. Another good idea, if you will be sweating a lot, is to bring along some electrolyte packets to mix with your water (check out their ingredients are simple without fake colors).
  9. Keep your routines: sticking as close to your eating and sleeping times can help you get good quality sleep, keep your hormones balanced and keep your bowels regular (bonus tip- Natural Calm packets can help with sleep and bowels as well- this is a magnesium supplement found in many health food stores,  Even if your time zone changes significantly finding a new routine travel schedule can help your body adjust.

There you have it- hope you have an amazing summer.  Healthy trails to you!