This is a companion blog to our review on fitness trackers so check that out if you have not watched it yet! Read on to see what trackers we liked best and why.

Top Basic Tracker: Fitbit Alta Hr- We liked this tracker overall because it is simple and sleek, comes with the Fitbit tech app which does a great job at measuring sleep stages, 24/7 heart rate and steps. You can change bands if you like and it works with iOS or Android and is moderately priced.

Best tracker for swimming: If you are looking for a tracker to wear in the pool the Moovnow is waterproof down to 30 meters, gives feedback and coaching on swim strokes and progress, also tracks overall fitness, sleep stages and steps and tracks running and cycling. This tracker is also iOS and Android enabled and comes with a good pricetag. Con is there is no screen.

Best HIIT/crossfit/weights tracker: We liked the Vivosmart 3 as it can measure VO2 max, has automatic exercise detection and can track HRV/stress scores; it also does well with rep counting for weight training and is moderately priced.

Best kids fitness tracker: The Vivofit Jr wins in this category thanks to it’s fun character bands and mini games. It does the basics that most kid trackers do in counting steps and motivating kids to be more active.

Best Budget Fitness Tracker: Xiamo Mi Band 3 comes in at less than $30 and tracks heart rate, steps, sleep and even has option to do payments via your tracker and get alerts when calls come in! Another new one on the market, the Amazfit, is more expensive at about $60 plus but has a battery that can last weeks, is GPS enabled, water resistant and does a great job at tracking steps and sleep. It also comes with a decent app, Mi Fit.

Best Smartwatch: Well this depends on if you are a strictly Apple product consumer or not. The Apple Watch and the Fitbit Versa are both equally impressive! The Fitbit charge lasts longer (usually 4 days vs Apple can be as short as 1 day) but the Apple watch can replace your phone (iphone that is) though it comes with a pricetag when you use it as a phone. They are both waterproof and have coaching apps to help you stay motivated. They both are GPS and electronic payment enabled, and you can upload music to them. You can change their watch faces and add apps. The Versa is about $60 to $80 dollars cheaper usually running around $225-$249 and the Apple watch runs around $300- $350.

Regardless of which tracker, if any, might be right for you keep working towards your fitness goals in whatever way keeps you motivated![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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