Exercise and Adrenal Health
In a time where we live such stressful lives, it is difficult to find the balance we need to stay active, but also relaxed and in touch with our bodies. Most people either don’t do enough or do to much when it comes to exercise. Exercise makes us feel good and helps overall health, yet it is easy to overdo it, causing damage when we forget to listen to our body’s need for rest.

Some people following a routine, workout daily despite how they feel, thinking that excess cardio will give them their desired results when the exact opposite can occur. This is how you end up exhausting your adrenal system. Once you begin to listen and tune in as to what your body’s needs are, you will actually feel better!

Below are three tips for keeping up adrenal health, while staying active:

  • Listen to your body and how it feels every day, if you need a day off then take it, go for a walk, do some stretching or swimming. Sometimes just laying on the couch is what you need! Don’t beat yourself up for relaxing.
  • When you feel good and have great energy, do something that is challenging and different. High Intensity training or group classes are always new and different. Yoga, cycle or Barre are great options too. Whatever it is, get out there and do it with vigor. Don’t let those days go.
  • Remember to focus on your breath during exercises. If you feel out of breath while exercising, listen and take a moment to breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, repeat this at least 5 times. You may need to stop altogether and just focus until you catch your breath. On your days off, take a small amount of time to focus on your body and calm it with your breath. This will reduce overall cortisol levels.

It’s all about balance and you must find your own. Listen and adjust as you need. Know that in the long run, you will be healthier and happier. If you would like further information or would like to discuss an exercise routine tailored to your personal needs, make an appointment with Dr. Meyer today!