Often times people are at risk for heart disease and stroke for years and years without any noticeable symptoms. During this period of time there is plaque building up in their bodies. This buildup could be addressed and reduced significantly by various lifestyle changes and other interventions.

There is a screening test called Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) that can reveal your risk of heart disease and stroke much better than the standard blood pressure and cholesterol screenings that are done routinely. Although these are an important part of the picture of your risk, CIMT uses and ultrasound the evaluate the health of your carotid artery as well as examine if you have any hard or soft plaque building up. Research has shown the results from the carotid are highly correlated to the heart.

We offer CIMT for our members in-office on a regular basis at our clinic in partnership with Boone Medical Imaging. The CIMT test is discounted for our patients to $85. If you are interested in being screened please contact any of our practitioners.

Boone Medical Imaging can also do thyroid ultrasounds, echocardiograms, full duplex carotid and other scans at cost for our patients in our clinic.