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Fighting a battle against the enemy within? Chronic disease, insomnia, unending fatigue, fuzzy thinking, joint pain, heartburn, constipation, unbalanced hormones – the list could go on. At Highlands Health & Wellness, we believe you can tap into a strength you didn’t know you had – to rediscover the magic of feeling well. You need a partner to listen, to guide, and to anticipate what will happen next. A team with intuition, hope, who practices health differently. Fighting alongside you, our collaborative healing team will help you channel your inner warrior to cultivate meaningful and lasting wellness – to reclaim your power, reclaim your health and reclaim your life. Are you ready to thrive again?

Trust Your Gut Course

Thank you for your interest in Highlands Health and Wellness. We currently have a waiting list for new members. While we currently do not have a time frame of when appointments will be available, I wanted to let you know of a course I have developed that you have the option of attending in the meantime.

My course is called Trust Your Gut! A large percentage of my patients struggle with gut health, and digestive issues. I have been through these same recurring issues hundreds of times with patients, and am thrilled to offer my help in a neat, concise, self-paced package that is partnered with a lifetime membership to our gut health community, weekly follow up calls, open question forms, and interesting gut health information posted weekly. It is a way for you to have access to gut focused functional medicine at a fraction of the cost. If gut health is one of the reasons that you are on the waiting list here to see me, and you are looking to empower your life, or the life of your family through improving your health, this may be the perfect option for you. 

Instead of having to pay a monthly membership, the course requires only a one-time payment, but offers a lifetime membership with weekly community calls with me and my team to be sure that all of your questions are answered. We will walk you through an elimination diet that will help to heal your gut, discuss supplements, gut bacteria, stress, immunity, and more. Fun facts like your digestive tract is the home to 70% of your immune function, are paired with sensible advice like what to look for in a probiotic, and how to successfully reintroduce foods once they have been eliminated, are all put together in one place for you. 

Please visit: to learn more and sign up for this course

You may also join our Mighty Network community at no cost for weekly tips on all kinds of topics. You can join here:

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