5 ways to detox your living room

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February 25, 2019
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April 7, 2019

5 ways to detox your living room

5 ways to detox your living room

  1. Take your shoes off in the house. Shoes can track in microbes and other things into your house.


  1. Dust frequently and vacumn with a HEPA filter on your vacumn. Household dust has been found to have many hormone disruptors in it.


  1. Be aware of toxins on furniture and carpet- when replacing furniture chose less toxic options. Avoid using stain repellant coats as they are loaded with toxins.


  1. Clean with non-toxic cleaners.


  1. Use beeswax candles instead of air-fresheners. Air-fresheners can release hormone disruptors into your environment.

These are a few tips you can try to free your living room of common toxins and hormone disruptors. See our facebook posts March, 2019 for more detailed information on lowering the toxins in your home and environment!