There are so many great things to do in summer, it can be easy to fill up our summers and not be intentional about getting the rest we need. One tip to starting off a healthy summer is to sit down and plan your summer and intentionally plan less. Choose one or two things that are important to you and your friends, roommates, significant other and/or children. Then focus on those things, and rest and enjoy.

Summer is an easier time to eat healthy with so much access to great produce. Find a farmer’s market near you and go to it weekly to start your week with local fresh produce. Here is a link to find a farmer’s market near you:

Summer is also a great time to focus on eating the rainbow. We know that each color of fruit and veggies give us different nutrients, but it is easy to get stuck in a rut eating the same fruits and veggies. Here is a link to an article on eating the rainbow with examples of fruits and veggies of the various colors. It also includes many of the health benefits to the specific colors.

With the hot weather upon us, it is crucial to good health to stay hydrated. One tip to help you and your family drink more water is to have infused water. Here are a few recipes:

Another tip for a healthy summer is taking a break from devices. We are constantly tied to our devices which can increase our stress levels. Getting outside with our family, friends or by ourselves can be a great way to decrease our stress. So turn off your phone for a few hours and enjoy the a day out in nature. Here is an interesting article looking at the idea of finding a balance of device free time and being connected to our devices.

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather here in Denver and having a great start to your summer!