Becoming a Highland’s Health & Wellness Member

Highlands Health & Wellness is a Center for Functional Medicine. The in-depth assessment, evaluation and treatment plan provided is much more comprehensive than what has become the norm in conventional primary care practices. The functional medicine approach takes time as we explore what makes you unique, while examining the past and present to help you build a more balanced future. This is why we prefer a partnership that is rooted in hard work and commitment. Members who commit to a health partnership for at least six months allow themselves time to put in the work to allow for positive and lasting changes in their health.

Membership Payment Options include:

Tier 3: Warrior Wellness Membership (Full Functional Medicine Program)

Currently Accepting New Patients At this Membership Level
6-Month Contract ($239/month) or 12-Month Contract ($209/month)
Call us at 303-916-1064 to get started!

Tier 2: Functional Primary Care Membership Program

Currently Accepting New Patients At this Membership Level
6-Month Contract ($189/month) or 12-Month Contract ($165/month)
Call us at 303-916-1064 to get started!

Tier 1: Virtual Functional Medicine Membership.

Initial 60 minute phone consult $150
3 month contract ($99/ month) or 6 month contract ($89/month)Call us at 303-916-1064 to get started.

A la carte options

Functional Nutrition Coaching

$150 for initial 60 minute visit $75 per 30 minute follow up visit
Call us at 303-916-1064 to get started.

Virtual Meal Plans/Exercise plans

$ 60 for one month of a meal plan or exercise plan or $90 for both.
Call us at 303-916-1064 to get started.

Family Discounts:

We offer 20% off a couple’s membership, and children may be added to the membership at discounted price.

Additional Benefits of Membership at Highland’s Health & Wellness:

Virtual Visit

Meet with your team at your convenience: telephone visits, video conferencing, secure portal messages and texting with your providers.

Acute Care Visits

HHW providers are board-certified family medicine providers that we can assist you with primary care and sick visits as needed.

Eliminate the Wait to See Specialists

HHW is a member of the RubiconMD network, allowing for same-day or next-day virtual consults between your provider and board-certified specialists, who can provide acute guidance on your individual case when needed. See for more information.

Discounted Professional-Grade Nutraceuticals

Our members receive a 25% discount on the highest grade nutraceuticals that are available both in office and online for immediate order.

Wholesale Pricing on Medications

We understand pharmaceuticals have a place in healing and are sometimes needed in both acute and chronic illness. We will do our best to get you the best price for medications you are taking, often saving member 50-80% of pharmacy and hospital prices.

Wholesale Pricing on Standard and Functional Medicine Labs

We offer the lowest pricing available on labs from functional medicine processors such as Genova, Doctor’s Data, DUTCH, Spectracell, Boston Heart and many others! We also offer upfront discounted prices for standard blood work run through Quest and LabCorp providing a large savings if you are self-pay or have a high deductible plan (if you have insurance coverage, standard labs can be run through your commercial plan).

In-Office Discounted Imaging

In-office Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT), Full Duplex Carotid Doppler Flow, Echocardiogram, Thyroid Ultrasound, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening and Extremity Ultrasound with ABI offered at wholesale prices (saving you up to 75% of what you would pay at an imaging center)..

Community Referral Network

Upfront discounted pricing for lab work, imaging, and some specialist, if needed.

Private Facebook Group for Members

Connect one-on-one with providers, and attend weekly online learning sessions to enhance your treatment plan.

Updated Blogs and Online Resources

Blogs written by our providers will be regularly updated to provide you with the most up-to-date information within the realm of functional medicine.